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2 Myths about Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

On a daily basis, you come into contact with several items that have been touched by numerous people. This frequent contact spreads germs which cause sickness, especially during flu season. Hand sanitizer dispensers are one of the quickest ways to remove germs from your hands, but some people are skeptical due to certain misconceptions. There are many misconceptions about hand hygiene, but the following are 2 myths about hand sanitizer dispensers that stand out.

Myth: Hand sanitizer dispensers create drug-resistant mutant bacteria.

Fact: If alcohol is the main ingredient, the germs will not stand a chance. Alcohol physically kills germs and there is no evidence that supports the theory that germs mutate to supersede the effects of hand sanitizer. In fact, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been shown to kill even multi-drug resistant pathogens. With WellBeing’s touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser, 99.99% of germs will be killed on contact. WellBeing’s sanitizer solution contains 67% Ethyl Alcohol, which is effective against E. Coli, MSRA, and Strep in just 15 seconds.

Myth: All hand sanitizer dispensers are the same.

Fact: Despite popular assumption, not all hand sanitizer dispensers are created equal. Some require actual contact to release sanitizer while others are hands-free. When people want to get their hands clean, the last thing they want is to touch a dirty dispenser. With WellBeing’s touch free hand sanitizer dispenser, there’s nothing to touch- simply wave your hand underneath and a drop of sanitizer will land in your hand. WellBeing’s touch-free dispensers take both gel or foam sanitizer and contains zero thickeners that can attract and promote the growth of bacteria on your skin. Unlike most dispensers, WellBeing’s dispensers are drip resistant and meet CDC, APIC and OSHA standards. While regular dispensers don’t require battery operation like touch-free dispensers do, WellBeing provides batteries for no additional charge.

Debunking the myths about hand sanitizer dispensers is important because it relates directly to our health. Hand sanitizer dispensers are great for offices, schools and medical facilities. It can even increase productivity in the office environment due to less sickness outbreaks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide a clean and healthy environment for yourself and the people around you. If you are looking for more ways to incorporate touch free technology, keeping healthy with touch-free soap dispensing is just as easy to use and provide overwhelming sanitation benefits as well.

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