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5 Reasons to Choose Mounted Soap Dispensers

Many people would agree that washing your hands on a regular basis is essential to reduce the spread of common illness, especially during the cold and flu season. A mounted soap dispenser is the perfect way to remind people to wash their hands and stay healthy. While most mounted soap dispensers are found in businesses, they are practical for any location. The following are 5 reasons to choose mounted soap dispensers:

  • Good quality – Because our soap dispensers are made from stainless steel, they are great at resisting rust and corrosion. Not to mention, they are extremely durable, ADA compliant and will last a long time.
  • Readily available: WellBeing’s mounted soap dispensers are often placed at eye level, so it’s a great reminder for people to wash their hands since it is readily available. It also supplies an ample amount of soap, which is better than having to fumble around with a sliver of a bar soap that’s overused and falling apart.
  • Saves time and money – When it comes to cost, refilling mounted soap dispensers is considerably cheaper and more ecologically responsible than buying bottles of liquid soap. In the long run, you will save a lot of product and money with WellBeing’s mounted soap dispensers, because they control the amount of soap dispensed to meet the needs of regular users. Cleaning and refilling is easier so maintenance costs will be less as well.
  • Modern flair – The sleek, modern design of WellBeing’s mounted soap dispensers gives elegance and organization to any room. The chrome finish complements any restroom whether it’s in a luxurious hotel, business restroom or fast food locale. You can even purchase hands free sanitizer dispensers to complement the soap dispensers for those that require quick sanitation.
  • Prevents spread of germs – Studies have proven that liquid and foam soap is better at preventing the spread of germs than bar soap. Keeping healthy with touch-free soap dispensing is becoming more popular as people crave maximum sanitation. People avoid using bar soap, because it is used by multiple people and exposed to the air and bacteria. But if you have a wall mounted soap dispenser, your employees will be healthier in the workplace and your family will be healthier at home.

Because of the lasting benefits, WellBeing’s mounted soap dispensers have become a popular accessory for many businesses and homes alike. WellBeing also offers many other products that promote healthy habits and reduce the risk of spreading germs. In addition, we are committed to educating others on the facts of proper hygiene with helpful articles that range from common myths about feminine hygiene disposal to 2 myths about hand sanitizer disposal. Whatever the situation, WellBeing has a solution for you.

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