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A Breakthrough in Women’s Restroom Sanitation

Women may be the fairer of the sexes, but we sure can create a mess in the restroom. From water splashed on the sinks and walls to floors littered with trash (albeit by accident), how’s a bathroom to cope with us ladies? Restrooms that are equipped with touch-free technologies and other modern-day devices go a long way in alleviating some of our accidents. More importantly, these devices and services help maintain a clean, healthy, and infection-free environment.

Hands-free feminine hygiene disposal service

Businesses that understand the importance of providing restroom facilities that work to be germ free know that a big part of accomplishing this is through a feminine hygiene disposal system. This service, in addition to being hands-free for users, reduces the risk of cross-infection and exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Technology inside units inhibit bacterial growth (effective against HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C) and also eliminate odor. Additionally, this technology—through vapor action—disinfects and sanitizes the touch-free sanitary waste disposal unit.

A plus for users, as well as business owners and facilities managers, is that there is no container overflow. This minimizes clean-up time as well as exposure to infection for employees or cleaners. Investing in a feminine hygiene disposal service can eliminate some expenses when it comes to labor and cleaning costs as well: a touch-free sanitary waste disposal system can decrease plumbing blockages that otherwise could occur because of flushed sanitary items, and it does away with the need to change wax/plastic liners every day.

There’s more good news for business owners and facilities managers: service providers are responsible for removing used touch-free units and replacing them with units that have been cleaned and sanitized with an EPA-registered bactericide. This is done during scheduled service times.

Feminine hygiene vending

In addition to providing hands-free feminine hygiene disposal, ladies restrooms should be equipped with a machine that provides sanitary napkins and tampons. Feminine hygiene vending service providers will install the vandalism-resistant machine and ensure that it is refilled at least once per month and maintained properly. Most service providers also offer free emergency service.

Toilet seat sanitizing wipes

Sanitizing wipes that kill germs commonly found on toilet seats are a welcome addition for ladies using a public restroom. These wipes are installed and refilled by a service provider and thwart the spread of bacteria, like E.coli, that can cause infection. Dispensers are placed in each restroom stall, and wipes are bio-degradable and flushable.

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