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Bathroom Sanitation Can Make Or Break Your Business

Sanitation is so important in all aspects of business, but perhaps nowhere is it so noticeable as when it comes to restrooms.

The general appearance of restrooms, coupled with the way in which they’re equipped, will cause many to leave a business if they don’t meet expectations. Are they dirty? Is there trash in the floor? Do they have essential items, like toilet paper, in stock? How about hand sanitizer, and dryers or paper towels? All of these questions regard areas of interest for customers in a business’ restrooms. And, the bottom line: business and profits can be maintained and increased simply by having nice, clean restrooms that are well equipped.

Guests to your business will have a much more enjoyable experience if they’re met with clean restrooms. Who wants to conduct business at, lets say, a healthcare facility, or have a meal at a restaurant or work in an office, that has grimy restrooms? For those who are particularly conscious of germs and bacteria, and feel an extra need for cleanliness, sanitary restrooms could make you their favorite business to frequent. They also will tell others about the caliber of your operations, likely touting your tidy facilities.

On the other hand, a business can gain a bad reputation, thus losing customers and money, by keeping dirty restrooms. News, especially bad news, is spread fastest by word of mouth. Even a moment where your restrooms fail to meet a customer’s expectations can result in big negative consequences for your business. Not only will that customer likely tell others about their experience, you’ll lose them as a customer as well as others they know. In today’s economy, each customer is important in helping a business do well.

Again, reputation is so important. WellBeing, for example, provides services to educational facilities as well as hospitality outlets. Businesses like these could be greatly impacted if news of dirty restrooms spread. Parents, of course, want their children to be safe and protected while learning; part of that includes sanitary restrooms. Guests of hospitality outlets, such as major hotels, expect and are paying for clean, updated and odor-free restrooms. Without them, these hotels might fail. Additionally, WellBeing’s hygiene technologies can help a business save on its costs through innovations in water consumption to decreasing employee downtime from sickness resulting in cross-infection.

It’s in the best interest of all business to upkeep their restrooms—not only for purposes of cleanliness but to ensure their survival through lowering operating costs and satisfying customers.

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