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How to avoid germs at work and at school

We spend the majority of our days at work and school. The fact that we spend so much of our time here with others makes these places a breeding ground for germs. So what can we do to avoid these germs and prevent their spread? Below are a few tips.

Wash hands often, use hand sanitizer

This is germ avoidance 101: wash hands, and often. During the work and school day, we shake countless hands, swap numerous papers and touch many communal objects. Hands should be washed often, especially after using the restroom or kitchen area, with warm water and soap. When possible, use touch-free soap dispensers and dryers as well as automatic faucets. The less you touch in any shared restroom, the better.
It also is a good idea to use a moisturizing hand sanitizer after washing hands, and especially when it may not be possible to wash hands, perhaps after handling lunch money and before eating. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your work area as well as in your vehicle.

Wipe down desks, electronics, other supplies

Work areas can be among the dirtiest and germ-invested parts of the office or classroom. Make a point to wipe down desks daily before you leave each day; the same goes for computers as well as other electronics like printers and telephones—as well as other supplies that you may not even think about, like staplers, tape dispensers, pencils and pens, etc. Don’t forget to regularly clean your cell phone as well—talk about a “germy” device!

Don’t eat at your work area

Because work spaces generate so many germs, eat any meals or snacks elsewhere. Otherwise, you’re asking to become sick. Additionally, food crumbs can cause a host of other problems—ants, rodents…you get the picture.

Avoid touching your face

The spread of germs is what causes sickness, and there’s no quicker way to get sick than by touching your face with germ-laden hands. Even if you’ve washed your hands, try to avoid making contact with your face, particularly the nose and mouth areas.

Take precautions in the restroom’s toilet area

Take advantage of clean restrooms that are stocked with toilet seat covers. Another plus: restrooms that offer toilets that automatically flush. This way, you avoid germs if you must sit on the toilet and you keep your hands germ-free by not having to manually flush.

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