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How to NOT Get Sick at Work this Winter

The winter time is the most common time to get sick. The cold and flu season reminds us all how important it is to practice good hygiene especially at work. Your work place is usually the first culprit when it comes to the source of a cold or the flu. The reason behind this typically deals primarily with coworkers who don’t wash their hands after they use the restroom. We have provided, in a previous blog, when and how you should wash your hands. Below are tips on when you should wash your hands while at work.

While at work, be sure to wash your hands frequently to avoid getting sick. The times you should wash your hands at work include:

  • After you use the restroom
  • Before and after you eat lunch
  • Anytime you use a colleagues keyword, stapler or anything else they use often
  • After reading newspapers or magazines in your break room
  • Anytime after you use shared office equipment such as phones, copiers, and fax machines

If you work in an office, follow the steps listed above to help you avoid getting (or spreading) germs. If your office restroom isn’t taking advantage of automated hygiene technologies, then ask about having them installed in your office restrooms. They will go a long way in helping you avoid getting sick this winter.

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