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Is Hand Sanitizer Better Than Hand Washing?

Some people believe that using hand sanitizer is better than washing your hands the “old fashioned” way (with soap and water). This statement all depends on what you believe is “better”. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer does kill more bacteria in a shorter period of time than many hand soaps. Although hand sanitizer is better than nothing at all, it does not kill all bacteria that may be present on your hand.

The problem with antibacterial soap

There are a number of chemicals that make up antibacterial soap. One of these chemicals, triclosan, needs an extended period of time to become effective. This additional time is usually not taken into account when people are washing their hands. The normal hand washing lasts 20-30 seconds. A liquid hand sanitizer however will stay in contact with the skin long enough to allow the alcohol to kill off the unwanted bacteria.

Regular hand soap works by producing a fatty ingredient that bonds to the contaminants and skin oils, while a detergent breaks the surface of the skin which allows water to wash away any floating particles. This does however wash away some of the beneficial bacteria that can be found on your hands. A liquid hand sanitizer works much the same way, but it does not wash away the skin’s natural oily layer.

We recommend taking advantage of our hands-free soap dispensers. This will allow you to wash your hands without having to touch any of the products that could contain germs from other individuals. This coupled with automatic faucets are a great way in helping to fight germs in your office or school building.

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