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Keeping Healthy with Touch-Free Soap Dispensing

Germs are everywhere, which means you have multiple opportunities to catch a cold or other illness. Most germs make their way into the body through improper sanitation, so if you want to reduce the risk of getting sick, it’s important that you wash your hands often. Touch-free soap dispensers are really helpful in reducing contact with germs and especially popular with the health conscious. With the improvement of sanitation technology, keeping healthy with touch-free soap dispensing has never been easier. If you think about it, several people handle restroom appliances daily.

By employing touch-free technology, people are no longer required to put their hands on the soap dispenser. This allows the soap dispenser to remain neat, clean and untouched with hidden germs. Considering harmful bacteria and viruses spread through contact, this makes touch-free soap dispensers extremely beneficial. Other advantages to Touch-free soap dispensers include the following:

  • Each dispenser is maintained by experienced WellBeing technicians and fully serviced to ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, there is no extra cost to change out the batteries in case your dispenser should need new ones.
  • WellBeing’s touch free soap dispensers promote health and wellness for employees and customers, which helps eliminate the risk of spreading germs due to the reduction of contact with restroom appliances.
  • The dispensers are quick and easy to use, which makes them readily available to customers, employees and other users. The dispensers are also frequently refilled so you don’t have to worry about running out of soap.
  • There are four different types of soap available: anti-bacterial, liquid, foam or lotion soap. But regardless of which kind you choose, the end result will still be the same as each type of soap is luxurious and rich feeling, which keeps the hands from drying out. There is also an environmentally friendly soap option available for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • WellBeing’s touch-free soap dispenser regulates the amount of soap dispensed related to the need of users. Individuals simply place their hands under the dispenser and it will automatically dispense the soap in the correct amount. As a result, it decreases the chance of unnecessary use of soaps while meeting effective cleaning requirements.

WellBeing is a provider of high quality, cost effective hygiene and sanitation services, cultivated from experience, dedication and reliability. Our sanitation solutions include everything from hand hygiene products and air freshener service to vending and disposal. We ensure that the appropriate products are always installed and serviced both to satisfy health regulations regarding sanitary products, and to provide a cleaner, more welcoming environment for staff, customers and visitors. The many benefits of touch-free technology along with the advantages of air freshener service contribute to the growing popularity of WellBeing’s line of state-of-the-art products.

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