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Restroom Sanitation for Schools

Many schools don’t take into account the need for added restroom sanitation services. Schools including k-12, colleges and universities alike should consider using the latest technological advancements in their restroom facilities. Taking advantage of these services such as automatic cleaners, automatic faucets and feminine hygiene disposal units are a great way to promote a clean, healthy restroom environment.

Missed time at school from students is a concern from not only parents and students, but from school officials. Many times a student misses classes due to an illness such as the cold or flu. The spreading of germs is something everyone is concerned with especially those that are confined to a classroom for many hours with children vulnerable to illnesses. Many schools and universities are starting to realize that automated restroom solutions are the way to go in helping lower the risk of spreading germs.

Colleges, universities, technical schools, and school systems of all sizes partner with WellBeing to provide:

  • Decreased exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens
  • Safe and healthy restrooms for students and employees
  • Reduced risk of diseases such as MRSA, HIV, and Hepatitis
  • Lower absenteeism
  • A “Green” restroom program
  • Decreased water consumption and cost per hand wash

To learn more about our restroom hygiene solutions, simply give us a call today. We work with a wide range of schools, colleges, and universities throughout the U.S. View the services we provide or watch our video about what makes WellBeing different.

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