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Save Money and Avoid Germs

Facility managers and building owners alike want to save money on the expense needed to operate a facility. The best place to start is in the restrooms of these facilities. There are some not so obvious places in the restroom that can be overlooked when looking to save money. These same places can also help people avoid germs that are often found in public restroom facilities.

Feminine Hygiene Disposal

Technology has allowed restrooms to become more germ free than ever before. Feminine hygiene disposal service will ensure you are providing the very best for your restroom users. Feminine hygiene services allow you to decrease the risk of cross-infection and exposure of blood-borne pathogens, decrease plumbing blockages and eliminate the need to change wax/plastic liners daily, which helps save money on the labor and cleaning costs.

Automatic Flushers

Automatic flushers are an excellent way to help people avoid germs by eliminating the need to come into contact with the toilet equipment. Installation of automatic flushers is easy to do and requires no water supply interruption or additional plumbing. From a cost savings standpoint, automatic flushers help lower the amount of flushes that occur on a daily basis and regulates the amount of water used during each flush. This technology can create significant cost savings over time.

At WellBeing, we want to not only help you eliminate the probability of spreading germs, but assist you in saving money in operating your building. Schools, offices, and educational facilities have trusted WellBeing when they are looking to decrease the risk of infection, promote proper hygiene practices, and ultimately foster wellness and wellbeing.

If you are interested in our touch-free restroom services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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