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The Advantages of Air Freshener Service

Unpleasant smells are frequently found lurking in bathrooms and musky offices, which make using those facilities bothersome and at times unbearable. In order to combat the many disagreeable smells floating around, many business owners have started utilizing air freshener service. While its main benefit is to eliminate odors, there are many other benefits besides offering a pleasant smell.

  • Flexible – WellBeing’s air freshener service can be installed virtually anywhere in your building. It is designed not just for restrooms but also for use in areas such as offices, meeting rooms, care homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms or anywhere that an enjoyable fragrance is desired. The air freshener comes furnished with a fan which can be used in high traffic areas and turned off in less visited areas so you get the perfect amount of fragrance circulating.
  • Natural – Unlike most air fresher services, WellBeing uses natural essential oils to make their scents. The freshener contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or aerosol products. And although most fragrances are strong and overpowering, WellBeing’s air freshener leaves a light, fresh fragrance behind. You don’t have to worry about getting burned out on one scent; WellBeing’s air fresheners come equipped with multiple scent options so you can enjoy a variety of aromas
  • Neutralizes: Most air fresheners simply mask the smell of malicious odors instead of neutralizing them; however, WellBeing provides air fresheners that eliminate odors completely as to avoid mixing uncomplimentary smells together. It truly creates a fresh, clean smell completely void of ghastly whiffs and scrunching noses.
  • Convenient: By choosing WellBeing as your air freshener service provider, you will benefit from full installation, maintenance, and refills by WellBeing service technicians. In addition, you won’t have to worry about fragrance buildup due to the optional sensors that detect light and movement. There is no additional charge for battery changes, and WellBeing technicians will make sure your freshener doesn’t run out.
  • Cool design: The cool, sleek design is classy and unlike most bulky air fresheners. Their closed system is ideal for hanging and decreases theft & vandalism. The design is also safety-minded as children can’t tamper with it and animals can’t reach it.

While most people are more concerned with keeping healthy with touch-free soap dispensing and other hands free technology, the air surrounding us is important to keep clean and healthy as well. With WellBeing’s air freshener service, you are able to create a clean, fresh environment for your customers and employees. Not to mention, it’s eco-friendly and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Don’t allow your space to be controlled by the smells around it. Make a change and utilize WellBeing’s air freshener service. You will see the difference it makes on your customers, employees and place as a whole.

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