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Top Restroom Complaints

Complaints seem to come much easier than compliments. Nowhere does this hold more true than at a public place, or business in which customers pay for service. Restrooms particularly are easy targets for complaints if they don’t meet expectations. Though there are many, the top restroom complaints typically involve:

General upkeep

The overall appearance and tidiness of a restroom often are the targets of the most complaints. If the walls, counter tops and floors are dirty—or if there’s moisture that’s accumulated on the floor—your business or office should expect a grievance. Additionally, damp floors that accumulate sticky and pestering pieces of toilet paper can prove aggravating for customers. Trash overflow onto the floor also is a general upkeep-related complaint heard regularly. This stresses the importance of regular restroom cleaning and neatness.


Before a guest has a chance to notice a restroom’s appearance, they’ll smell its odor. If it doesn’t smell fresh and, thus, clean, many will simply turn around and go back the way from which they came—perhaps walking out of the business, office or facility altogether. It’s important to ensure restrooms, especially those with a baby-changing station, smell as pleasant as possible.


Restrooms always should be equipped with necessities, like toilet paper, paper towels (if you don’t have an air dryer) and soap. It seems ironic for a restroom not to have these items, as the purpose of a restroom is to allow people to use the toilet and wash their hands. It also is encouraged to supply paper seat guards/covers in each bathroom stall.

Feminine hygiene

Failing to have proper feminine hygiene disposals also can garner complaints. This is not only for convenience but for sanitary purposes, too. Women take notice when appropriate devices are not in place or don’t meet expectations. Though it’s not a standard, per say, it may not be a bad idea to supply your restroom with a machine that supplies feminine hygiene products as well.

Having to touch devices

Though it certainly is not a requirement for any restroom, hands-free devices like faucets and soap dispensers are becoming more the norm thanks to technology. Customers seem to appreciate not having to handle unsanitary objects and equipment touched by others.

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