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Why Hands Free is the Answer

Not all that long ago, who would have thought that we would one day be able to go to the restroom and flush the toilet without using our hands? Or have soap dispensed right into our palms without pushing a button? Today, these luxuries are a reality and many businesses, offices and homes have equipped their restrooms and other facilities with these automated technologies. Here’s why.

It’s expected

Each and every day, the number of individuals and business owners who decide to switch over to hands-free devices grows. Hands-free faucets and other devices are almost expected considering everyone has learned that the hands-free approach is the most sanitary.

It’s sanitary

A restroom, particularly a public one, has the potential to become dirty quickly. It also can be a place where germs collect and spread easily. Hands-free devices can help deter the spread of germs and bacteria by providing us with no-touch soap dispensers and faucets as well toilets and urinals equipped with sensors that signal when it’s time to flush. All these devices prevent us from having to handle unsanitary objects, contaminating ourselves and spreading bacteria to others.

It’s a way to promote an odor-free environment

Automatic flushing doesn’t allow for used water to stand and create unpleasant smells. This combined with the fact that many businesses also opt to install an automatic air freshening system, ensures that guests to your restroom will never be met with an unpleasant odor.

It’s a money-saving investment

Hands-free devices can save you money. A hands-free faucet, for example, will shut off automatically once it detects the user is finished. This naturally lowers water consumption and, therefore, your utility bill. If you own a business, touch-free devices promote health and wellness and will cut down on employee sickness due to the spread of bacteria and infection. Additionally, cleaning and labors costs can be greatly reduced since automated hygiene technologies minimize cleaning time as well as the amount of tools and products needed to clean.

It’s good for the environment

Touch-free hygiene services make for an easy way to “go green.” Coupled with the fact that you’ll lower water consumption, you or your employees will use less toxic chemicals to clean. Your hands-free facilities also will cut back on the amount of waste being disposed. For example, you’ll see a dramatic drop in your restroom’s trash bin if you install a touch-free hand dryer, since paper towels no longer will be necessary.

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